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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We hooked up with some friends for Halloween in their neighborhood. In the past, our own neighborhood has been lame.

Grace was Cinderella again this year. (Yay, I don't have to buy another costume) Ashley was a pirate, Kyle K was a pirate and Kyle G, well, he was a pirate. It was as if a gang of pirates had captured the beautiful princess.

After running through one half of the neighborhood, we came back to our car, dumped out the candy, and scoured the 2nd half of the hood for more loot. Grace got more candy than she'll ever need. In fact, she got 100% more than she'll ever eat. You see, she just like the process of trick or treating. She doesn't ever eat the candy afterward.

Update (Nov 6th): Grace still hasn't eaten any of her candy. In fact, she made sure to tell me not to put any in her lunchbox because they weren't allowed to have it at school.


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