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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sofa? What sofa?

It's Friday night and Jaime and I have planned a little romantic getaway to Galveston. Of course, every trip to Galveston includes a little bit of work. Our assignment for this weekend?...Get a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman from Houston to Galveston.
  • Step 1 - Load said pieces into trailer - check
  • Step 2 - Strap down said pieces into trailer - check
  • Step 3 - Drive to Galveston with said pieces - ummm. no check

As luck would have it, we're driving down I-45 South when Jaime see's something go flying out of the rear view mirror. "Honey", he says, "I think we lost a cushion". Me = blank stare. Him = "NO hon, make that an entire couch". Me = "Wha? Holy crap! What if we caused a huge accident" Keep in mind that about a week before this, someone had done the exact same thing and killed someone. To make the situation even better, this all happens just as we enter the causeway, so there wont' be any place to turn around until after we cross the bridge to the island.

So we cross over, u-turn and make our way back. As we're passing over the point where we lost the couch, I look over to the other side to see our couch sitting in the middle of the freeway with a sherriff's van parked behind it so no one will hit it. A quick survey showed no-one had crashed into it THANK GOD. We still had to u-turn again to get to where the couch was and to get to the sherriff where we would say our confessions and claim the sofa.

Well, lo and behold, we get there and they're all ready gone! No sherriff and no sofa. What do we do? Just keep on driving! After we said a little prayer to thank god for looking out for us, we quickly did a high-five because this meant the biggest piece was gone and thus would no longer have to be hiked up the stairs. Can I get a boo-yah?

As punishment for potentially wreaking havoc on the freeway, we were immediately engulfed by mosquitos upon arriving at the house. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was having an epileptic fit as I swapped the BILLIONS of them (who me exaggerate? No way!!) trying to drain me of every last drop of blood. I wouldn't be surprised if I as anemic when I went to bed that night.

Top it all off with the fact that the next morning it was raining cats and dogs and we got soaking wet on the way to the car and had to drive all the way home that way.

I think I'm done with Galveston for a while.


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