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Friday, September 22, 2006

God bless Rodney Johnson

Rest in peace Rodney Johnson. Our prayers are with your family.

Thank you to the family and friends that called last night before Rodney's name was released to make sure it wasn't Jaime or one of his brothers. It means so much to us.
People often ask me, how stressful it is to be the wife of a police officer. I tell them we can't go through life always worried that the worst will happen. You get up every day and smile and be happy to be alive and you thank god for every day you have together. Sometimes, though, the worst happens, and it shakes you to the core. It's a big reality check. I'm sure there were a lot of officer's wives holding on to their husbands as they slept last night, just thankful they were home safe. I know I was.
I hope Rodney's family finds the strength to get through this. They have a huge family in HPD that is ready and willing to support them through this difficult time. God bless Rodney and God bless his family.


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