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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Adoption Update

First some background:
  • Get our entire life together on paper, copy it and send it to the adoption agency - a
  • Turn in pictures of our house, pets and all humans living in it - a
  • Draw a detailed genogram showing EVERYONE in the family, what diseases everyone has, who isn't still alive and who's married/divorced - a
  • 3 all day classes on 3 consecutive Saturdays - a
  • 1 class on psychotropic medications after work in the evening - a
  • 1 home study - check
  • Take down the trampoline and have another follow up home study - a
  • FINALLY - meet with the adoption specialist - a

We are so close baby! We are in the process of being matched. Our matching specialist (ms)compares our profile to the children available (sadly, new ones come in every day) and if there is a good match, she forwards our profile to CPS with our approval. They compare us to other families submitted and narrow it down to three families. At that time the matching specialists from the three families duke it out..just kidding...they meet up and sell us to CPS as to why we're the best family for that particular child. CPS makes the ultimate decision. It could happen today, tomorrow, next month, who knows. I'm just glad to finally be at this point.

Interestingly, the MS asked us if we'd consider 2. I'm like, "a child with 2 hands and 2 feet...of course! Apparently, she meant 2 kids. 2 KIDS!! This is a little too much to take in right now. I told her we'd consider it on a case by case basis. Geez! Two kids?!?! Can I handle that?


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