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Friday, September 15, 2006

A tribute to my ex's

I'd like to thank the following people:

Danny: Thank you for having such a huge crush on Danielle, that you never considered I might make a good girlfriend. That sounds better than admitting you had no interest in me.

Robert: Thank you for blowing me off the same way I did you before we went to college and not pursuing a 2nd try with me. I deserved it.

Marc: Thank you for being an inconsiderate, insecure, abusive, cheating inebriate. It took a while, but I finally broke out of the haze and ran for the horizon.

Mills: Thank you for boring the hell out of me. I've never watched so much TV with one person in such a short period of time.

Terry: Thank you for showing up at the bar with another girl. You didn't expect to see me there, did you? Anyway, I'm glad now that you did. It was probably a sign of my future if I ended up with you.

I sincerely hope all of you are happily married with a houseful of kids and living your ultimate dream. My point here if wasnt for all of you frogs, I might never have found my prince!
I love you Jaime!


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