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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting Off Easy

One year ago today:

1. Katrina tore it's way through New Orleans.
2. I hit the road with one child, one cat and one dog to try to evactuate and turned around after 45 minutes because I had only made it one block.
3. I thanked god the hurricane took a turn eastward and we were no longer in it's direct path.
4. I opened my house to my husband's family because most of them lived in areas predicted to flood badly.
5. I had a panic attack in my closet and called Jaime because EVERYONE was arriving with animals. (Yep, I forgot about the animals)
6. I had no less than 7 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds living at my house which I like to keep immaculate.
7. I had 21 people living in my house including me.
8. I was totally frazzled, unorganized and exhausted and I had to start a new job the following Monday.
9. I accepted my surroundings and my family and we made it work. Everyone had a job to do, whether it was cooking, cleaning, taping windows or watching the kids.
10.I felt empty because everyone left the next morning and I had already become used to being surrounded by such a great family 24/7.
11.Grace and I waved goodbye to everyone and looked at each other and said, "Now what do we do?"

I'm so lame, I only got a few pictures.

Suzy taking care of her cousins.

Juancho never stopped smiling.

Our solution to not washing 100 cups per day.

Richie taping the windows


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