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Monday, August 21, 2006

Birthday Party Aftermath

I must say the birthday party was fabulous. I was told several times by the girls that this was the best party ever and that made me feel good, not for the recognition, but because I had 13 girls and 1 boy in my backyard and they were having the time of their lives and I had something to do with that. The decorations were fabulous, beachballs & wateguns made perfect giveaways and the cake {equipped with glowing candles) was tres cool.

We only had once incident when one girl announced, "this is the worst party ever." I'll call her "C" to keep her anonymous. Grace immediately started crying, however, the 11 other girls were quick to lay down the law to the one dissing the party. It was kinda cute & very adult the way they handled it. About 3-4 of the other girls spoke up and told the one not having fun that she needed to apologize and be nice to Grace while the others all huddled around Grace & gave her hugs. It blew over quickly and C quickly learned it wasn't a good idea to diss the birthday girl's party in front of her friends.

I cannot tell you how many times the girls told me this was the best party ever. I think there is something to be said for not making a birthday party too structured & just letting kids make their own fun.

After all was said and done, some friends stuck around and Jaime, who makes the world's best margaritas got to work with the blender. One friend, Lisa, told me I looked relaxed after having just hosted a party and that made me feel good because that was the goal; to really enjoy the party & not get caught up running back and forth all night long. I got lots of pictures, which I plan to add this week as soon as I get a lunch alone here at the office. Check back later for those.

Thanks to everyone that came and made Grace's 8th birthday party so memorable!!! My daughter is blessed to have so many good friends. We had a blast!


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