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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me (37)

Well, I've been waiting for something to profound to happen before I kick-off my own blog. As circumstances have it, my life is not profound. Sooo, here we go with Birthday #37. Whoopee!
For my 37th birthday, I trapped my family into going to the wine country (aka Brenham, TX) to celebrate. We don't take enough road trips.

So we arrive and are outfitted with a knife and bucket and head on down to the grape vines.

Here we are harvesting our grapes

The fruits of our labor!

Just a few minute after those pictures were taken, I was stung by a giant wasp the size of a hummingbird. OMG! I can't remember ever being stung by a bee. Call me a baby but that d*** thing hurt! My hand immediately swelled. Thank god, my hero "aka Ken's dad" brought some sting-eez. That stuff works miracles.

Thanks to Sting-EEZ, I could enjoy the grape squashing (somewhat). They failed to tell us that all the tiny bugs that were hidden in the grapes would start crawling up our legs. Not to mention, the wasps and yellow jackets that kept flying into the plastic bin to steal our juice. We were able to contain the screaming for 1 second while this picture was taken.

[Update: After being called a baby by my husband for whining about my wasp sting, I decided to add this link to Justin O. Schmidt's sting index. I was stung by a paper wasp, which is ranked 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. Oh and by the way, it has been over 3 weeks and I still haven't healed all the way. So there!]

The rest of the photos are up at Flickr under methodical missy.


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